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CASA Small Business Partner Award

In September, CASA honored local businesses, citizens, and foundations in the Pikes Peak Region for their investment in CASA and the children. We were so honored to be invited and given the Small Business Partner Award. It was such a great night to be surrounded by others in the community that are dedicated to helping children and create a better community.

Children are so precious. And the children that CASA serves ARE the least of these. Lost, afraid, angry, shy, seeking, searching, longing, left behind.

Through the wonderful and amazing CASAs, these children, who think they have no hope an uno future in life, are shown their true worth. Through their CASA they understand that they are gold. They are hope. They are the future. They are blessings from above. They are wanted and they are loved.

We are truly humbled and honored to be able to be a Difference-Maker.