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Covington Homes Design Tip & Trends

We will give you our take on the art of interior design. Some tips and tricks on how to look at design from a different perspective by following a few fundamentals.

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Tips on organizing a Garage Sale!

July 29th 2019

End of summer garage sales are around the corner! Prep your garage sale by using these great ideas on how to have a flawless sale!

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Essential items to have in your Summer Emergency Kit

July 24th 2019

Kids LOVE to run around and have fun outside in the summer, so it is important to have the essentials in case someone gets hurt! When re-filling your First Aid Kit here are 15 must-haves!

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Quick to do list at home before vacation

July 2nd 2019

When planning your vacation this summer use this nifty & quick ‘To Do’ list to prep your home before you leave!

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Iced Tea Recipes

June 29th 2019

June is National Iced Tea Month! You will love some of these refreshing Iced Tea Recipes to enjoy this summer!

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Summer Lawn Care!

June 11th 2019

The sun is out and that means the temperature is starting to climb! Here are some tips to help your lawn survive the summer heat and stay looking beautiful!

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Make your Pearly White Sparkle! How to Clean and Maintain your White Cabinets!

May 30th, 2019

White Cabinets not so white anymore? Here’s how to put that sparkle back into your cabinets!

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Kitchen Updates! Quick, Easy, & Affordable!

May 20th, 2019

Give your kitchen a little extra ‘POP’ without breaking the bank. Here are some quick, affordable, and EASY kitchen updates to spice up your new kitchen!

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Indoor Plants that will benefit your new home!

Indoor Plants. Are you unsure of what plants are best for your new home? Here are some top-rated plants that will benefit any home!

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Decorating for the Holidays

Learn inexpensive ways to create a festive environment that your family & friends will love! ...Read More

The Art of Interior Design

Interior Design can be daunting. So much to think about. So much to put together. However, Interior Design can be very simple if we look at it from a different perspective and follow a few fundamentals. Tips by Grace Covington, GC Luxury Design and Covington Homes. ...Read More

High-style Kitchens on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create beautiful kitchens that buyers will love. ...Read More