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General Note for ALL How To's – Caution!

Do not attempt to adjust, test or make a repair if you do not have basic repair skills or if you do not fully understand the directions provided in this web site or its affiliates. Furthermore, if your appliance, device, project, object of repair or its components differ from those described, you should not attempt the repair based upon the provided instructions. If the manufacturer's instructions differ from ours, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Always wear eye protection and protective clothing or gear, as appropriate.

Touching up your grout

Grout is a typical maintenance item when owning a home. Sometimes grout can last years, and other times it lasts a few months before it starts to dry out and crack. It usually depends on the area in question. Grout at tile in wet areas needs maintenance more often than grout in dry areas. Even though sealer is applied over …

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