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IMG_1670Thank You Sarah

AMAZING young woman! Sarah has raised a generous amount of money to donate to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Sarah wanted to raise funds to give back to our local community and help children in need. And she wanted to raise funds that would go directly to a good cause to help children. Sarah also wanted to help children in our Community of Colorado Springs. When her father told her about the St Jude Dream Home that we are building (Covington Homes), she decided to look into St Jude Children’s Research Hospital as the recipient of the funds she was setting out to raise. She did the research and found that St Jude Children’s Research Hospital not only cures children with the rarest forms of cancer, sickle cell, malaria, and bird flu- BUT St Jude Children’s Research Hospital shares ALL of their Life-Saving research with our local hospitals, Children’s Hospitals, and hospitals everywhere!! Tens of thousands of children (and adults too) are begin cured EVERY DAY because of ST Jude’s Research.

She also discovered that one of our local families here in Colorado Springs has a child who is being treated at St Jude’s for a rare form of cancer. And this young child is winning the battle against childhood cancer because of St Jude!!

Sarah then decided to donate her hard earned allowance, extra money she earned mowing the lawn and picking up dog poo, and some of her savings to St Jude. She took it a step further and decided to have a fundraiser with her friends at school and family. She created flyers and distributed them to her friends and people in her neighborhood to get the word out. WE are proud to say that Sarah was able to successfully raise funds for the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital through a cookie bake! How FANTASTIC!!

Thanks so much Sarah for your kind heart, dedication for a great cause, and helping to save the lives of thousands of children so that they can live a beautiful life!!