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General Note on all Home Care / Maintenance Tips

Do not attempt to adjust, test or make a repair if you do not have basic repair skills or if you do not fully understand the directions provided in this web site or its affiliates. Furthermore, if your appliance, device, project, object of repair or its components differ from those described, you should not attempt the repair based upon the provided instructions. If the manufacturer's instructions differ from ours, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Always wear eye protection and protective clothing or gear, as appropriate.

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When should I Hire a Home Inspector?

Covington Homes believes that it is important to think about these commonly asked questions regarding home inspectors and home inspections to help you be fully informed. ...Read More

Landscaping Do’s & Don’ts

In order to encourage the longevity and health of your landscaping, our landscaping contractor has provided this homeowner guide to basic landscape care in Colorado. Here are some helpful Do’s & Don’ts to help you with your landscaping! ...Read More

Need to know about Interior & Exterior Caulking

There are many places on a home where caulking has been used. Since caulking is regular homeowner maintenance, make sure to check for your at least twice a year for areas that need caulk touch ups or to be re-caulked. ...Read More

HVAC Heating FAQ’S

Covington Homes answers what are the most important things I need to remember when heating my new home in the winter? ...Read More


Covington Homes answers what are the most important things I need to remember when cooling my new home in the summer? ...Read More

Grading & Drainage: Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some quick and easy to follow Do’s and Don’ts about grading and drainage! ...Read More

Garage Door Helpful Hints!

Covington Homes provides Home Care Tips: Garage Door Helpful Hints! ...Read More


A HERS fan is installed in every Covington Home. This fan’s location can vary per home but is most commonly located in the laundry room. Since our homes are built tight, insulated right, and energy efficient they need to breathe! This fan helps the home breath correctly and properly. ...Read More

HVAC Maintenance

Yearly vs. Monthly

What as a homeowner do I need to take care of? ...Read More

Sealing Countertops

When installing countertops such as Quartz, Granite, and Engineered Countertops, the manufacturer does not apply a sealer to them. This is because surface sealers are specific to homeowners’ preferences, their daily needs, and dependent on the surface itself. ...Read More

Maintaining Concrete & Cosmetic Concrete Cracks

There is a saying in the construction and building industry: “Concrete is guaranteed to do three things; Get hard, turn gray, and crack”. Cracking is very common, expected, and is normal for concrete. ...Read More

Important Tips: Gutters

Have questions about how to maintain your gutters? Here are some need to know tips that will help ensure your gutters can last the test of time! ...Read More

Handy Hints for Home Care and Maintenance

Now that you have moved into your Beautiful Brand New Covington Home the fun begins! Moving your furniture in, decorating your rooms, hanging the curtains, putting up your blinds, and getting your Dream Home all 'settled in.’ Here are some Helpful Pointers on how to care and maintain your New Home. ...Read More

Springtime Sprinkler Tune-Up Checklist

Article From Rain Bird on Tips To Help You Save Water, Time and Money in Your Yard. As the temperatures warm and the lawn and garden begins to thaw, there is no better time than springtime to make sure your automatic sprinkler system is ready for another season of efficient lawn and garden watering. ...Read More Just a few simple steps will go a long way towards saving water, money and preventing a mid-summer landscape catastrophe at home. Get the warm watering season off to a great start with the following tips:
sprinkler tune up
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Spring Maintenance

As a Homeowner there are seasonal maintenance items that need to be pid attention to and addressed. But that is what owning a home is about. Taking care of the roof over our heads. And it really CAN be fun and rewarding!! Here are just a few Spring Homeowner Maintenance recommendations. These are our Top Items to consider and take care of, but always remember that there may be other items in your home that require maintenance. ...Read More

Cabinet Care & Cleaning

Covington Homes has partnered with Aristokraft cabinets in our New Homes. How do you keep your high quality cabinets looking great and last a long time? We look to the experts in this case - Aristokraft. Here are their care and cleaning instructions. ...Read More

Draining Your Sprinkler System in an Emergency

This does NOT take the place of a proper winterization and blow out by a professional. However, if you turn on your irrigation too early, or a cold snap occurs and you have to shut down the irrigation system then follow these simple steps to mitigate the risk of a freezing backflow or sprinkler line. ...Read More

Lawn Care 101

When it comes to your lawn, there’s no such thing as fashionably late. Get the most out of your efforts by giving your lawn what it needs, when it needs it. An article by Eric Liskey – Better Homes and Garden. ...Read More

Optimizing your Weatherstripping

If you feel a slight draft of air coming in underneath your house door it may be that your threshold needs to be raised. This is fairly common and typically occurs as the threshold ages, people walk on it, or in the first few years of the home while the home is ‘getting comfortable’ for duration of the home. ...Read More

Garbage Disposal Stops Working

Perhaps one of the most common maintenance items in a home, but one that most people do not typically know how to fix. Therefore they call a plumber and pay him (or her) to ‘fix’ the disposal when it could had been done without the plumber. ...Read More