Garage Door Helpful Hints!

  • Garages have non-structural floating slabs- meaning they are designed to move with the natural movement of soils. On occasion gaps between the concrete and garage door seal may occur. This is normal and natural. If this happens, we recommend hiring a reputable contractor to replace the seal with a larger one.
  • Garage door tracks: Make sure you do a monthly check to ensure your tracks are secure and strong. If you see anything loose, we recommend calling a reputable contractor to perform the repair.
  • Garage door openers: If you did not purchase this from Covington Homes all warranty items on the garage doors (functionality and the garage door itself) are to be handled by the company who installed the opener.
  • If you choose to insulate the garage door after you move in, we recommend contracting a reputable overhead door contractor to install the insulation, as damage to the doors from work performed on the door(s) by others is not covered by the Homebuilders Limited warranty.
  • Periodically check the weather stripping at the bottom of the door- as over time the seal gets worn and will need replacing down the road.
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