grading and drainage

All new homes that Covington Homes builds have necessary and adequate drainage and have been graded according to the subdivision’s master drainage plan. Covington Homes documents final grading and drainage on all homes through its third-party surveyor and provides each buyer with a site-specific final grade certificate. A copy of which is provided to all Covington Homes homeowners.

Here are some quick and easy to follow Do’s and Don’ts about grading and drainage!

Grading & Drainage Do’s

  • DO always maintain proper grading and drainage. Lack of homeowner maintenance will void warranty.
  • DO follow the grading certificate.
  • DO make sure your down spout tip-outs are down.
  • DO keep all areas at the foundation with a proper slope of grade away from the foundation.
  • DO daylight your down spouts. (i.e. The ends of the down spout sleeves must see the light of day)

Grading & Drainage Don’ts

  • DO NOT drain onto the neighboring property.
  • DO NOT deviate from the grade certificate and master drainage plan.
  • DO NOT let your landscape contractor or any other contractor change the grading and drainage as left by the builder.
  • DO NOT burry your down spouts.
  • DO NOT allow water to collect by the foundation.
  • DO NOT impede the flow of drainage in easements.

NOTE: DO NOT alter or modify the grading and drainage as it may void the warranty. At all times follow the grading and drainage pattern as indicated on the grading certificate.