gutters maintenance

What you need to know about maintaining your gutters:

Have questions about how to maintain your gutters? Here are some need to know tips that will help ensure your gutters can last the test of time!

  • Make sure to yearly clean out your gutters-ensuring that they are free of any dirt and debris.
  • Note: Occasional grit from the asphalt roofing shingles material is normal and should be cleaned out as well.
  • It is never a good idea to bury downspout sleeves without daylighting them. (i.e. if the end of the sleeve doesn’t see the light of day it needs to be un-buried.)
  • During rain events check to ensure water is draining through the downspout into the tip-out.
  • Fix any breaches if excess water is draining next to the foundation.
  • Always ensure that the tip-outs are in the down position.
  • During the winter months make sure the downspouts and gutters are free of ice to allow the water to flow through properly when the snow is melting.

Note: it is not unusual that during heavy rain events for gutters to overflow. However, if there is excess over flowing water it may be that your gutter needs to be cleaned. Overtime yearly maintenance includes checking the caulking at the ends of the gutters making sure that all connections of downspouts to tip-outs are secure and diverters are working properly.