HVAC Maintenance

Yearly vs. Monthly

What as a homeowner do I need to take care of?


  • Have your Furnace, AC Unit, and (if applicable) Humidifier serviced by an HVAC technician.
  • Have your Air Ducts cleaned every 2 years. There are many good and reputable companies that you can hire to clean out your ducts.
  • Is duct noise normal? Yes
  • Make sure at least 1 -2 times a year have your thermostat checked to make sure of proper function.


  • Make sure to check and replace your furnace filters monthly. With high efficient furnaces they tend to perform better with off brand furnace filters as the thicker, high efficient filters, tend to restrict air flow.


  • At least once a quarter replace your humidifier filter.
    (The manufactures filters work the best)
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