Maintaining Concrete & Cosmetic Concrete Cracks

concrete maintainance

There is a saying in the construction and building industry: “Concrete is guaranteed to do three things; Get hard, turn gray, and crack”. Cracking is very common, expected, and is normal for concrete. Since all cementitious products crack, and such cracking can only be minimized or controlled to a degree, neither concrete slabs or flatwork are warranted against all cracking. Slabs are designed to move at expansion and contraction joints. Subsequently the floor slab maintenance (both interior and exterior) is a homeowner responsibility.

NOTE that improper care and maintenance of concrete will void the Homebuilders Limited warranty. For more information please see your HBLW (Home Builder Limited Warranty).

Additionally, please note the below information about concrete.

  • DO NOT place or use any ice melt or salt on concrete as this causes spalling, deuteriation of concrete, and other deleterious conditions to the concrete.
  • Keep all concrete free of snow and ice to help maintain the longevity of the concrete.
  • Due to the natural components concrete is comprised of and the affects weather can have on its application; it is common for color variations to appear in concrete.
  • Make sure to always maintain floor slabs. Immediately seal all crack as they appear with a concrete type caulk and seal all crack/ separations of stoops and steps as they appear with a waterproof substance.