Adding Onto an Existing Drip Irrigation Line

Did you go to Lowes or Home Depot and find that perfect rose bush? Do you think that there aren’t enough evergreen shrubs in your yard? Or perhaps you want to add dimension to your yard by adding grasses and flowering perennials? You need to add to the existing drip irrigation to add these extra shrubs and plants. Too hard you think? Well, it’s not too hard at all.

The First step is to have the right materials. They are:

  • Drip line hose
  • Puncture tool
  • Coupling
  • Drip line regulator/head

The next steps are easy. Just follow these easy instructions and you will add on to your existing drip irrigation. They are:

  • First, make sure water is not on and running to the drip zone (meaning that zone is not running while you work on it).
  • Determine where you want to splice into the main drip irrigation line. This may be a particular location where you would like to install a shrub or perennial.
  • Puncture the main drip irrigation line using an irrigation puncture tool. (Available at any Lowes or Home Depot or hardware store.)
  • Install coupling for drip line irrigation using the opposite end of the puncture tool (the end that is not sharp) into the main drip irrigation line.
  • Install irrigation drip line hose by connecting one end at the coupling installed at main drip irrigation line and running the hose to the location of plant materials you wish to water.
  • Connect irrigation hose head to the irrigation hose.
  • Make sure irrigation hose head is installed in the proper direction. The side to connect to the hose has the flat/ smooth surface with a flange.
  • Turn that zone back on to test that the water is going to the location desired.

Viola! You have officially given yourself the ability to add shrubs and plantings in your yard!