Stucco Care and Cleaning

The outside of our home is the very first thing people see and we always want to make sure that the exterior looks its best. Whether your home has acrylic or regular stucco we always want to make sure it is properly maintained to last its full capacity. Here are some easy steps you can take to make sure your stucco lasts against the test of time.

Stucco Cracking

  • Due to drastic temperature changes here in Colorado is it not uncommon for Stucco to have a tendency of cracking when trying to flex and expand with the weather. However, this does not mean that your stucco is losing it durability. If you are experiencing hairline cracks in your stucco it is best to leave them be due to the repairing of the crack will cause it to be more visible. Based on size it should not affect the water resistive barrier that is below the cement coating protecting your home from moisture intrusions. For larger cracks please contact warranty or if past warranty using a stucco filler and repair kit found at your local hardware store.

Cleaning Stucco

  • Cleaning your stucco is always a sure-fire way to keep it looking pristine and beautiful. Most common stains that may occur include: dirt, deposited dust from the atmosphere, and run-off roof stains. When attended to in a timely manner, these stains can be removed.
    • First you want to wet the stucco before you begin cleaning, working your way from the bottom upward. This technique, recommended by Omega Products International, allows preventative action from the dirt staining the lower portions of the wall during cleaning.
    • Using slight water pressure, loosen the dirt that has built up on the stucco. The use of a brush may be required to help break down the dirt. Be cautious to not use too much pressure and force as this could potentially lead to damaging the stucco. It is normal though for stucco particles to be dislodged during this process.
    • Using a Stucco cleaner can as well be a beneficial route in cleaning your stucco. A cleaner will break down tougher stains by dissolving the dirt and stain from the walls without damaging the finish. Using a water-based cleaning is best for this.
    • Lastly you will want to rinse the remaining residue from the wall. If the stain still appears, some other useful techniques to refresh and restore the stucco are:
      1. Repainting
      2. Fog coating
      3. Brush Coating
  • Ways to Maintain your Stucco
    • To help keep your stucco looking fresh and new, here are a few tips one can follow to help achieve a flawless exterior:
      1. Directing sprinklers away from the exterior of the home.
      2. Installing Hardscape to help with dirt splashes and stains.
      3. Routine cleaning and upkeep of gutters and downspouts free of debris.